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Why Is The National Standard Of Electric Bicycles Urgent To Be Revised?
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Recently, the ministry again pushed the text, the "Electric Bicycle Safety Technical Specifications" national standards for approval of the draft was interpreted. China is the world's largest electric bicycle production and sales of the first country, after years of development, electric bicycles gradually become a consumer daily short trip important means of transport, the whole society has a total of about 200 million, annual 3000多万辆, most of the use of lead batteries, the use of lithium-ion battery products about 10%. The current compulsory national standard "electric bicycle general Technical conditions" (gb17761-1999) in 1999 issued the implementation.

In recent years, many electric bicycle products gradually become larger and heavier, more and more quickly, some indicators beyond the existing standards, by the masses known as "excessive car." For example, the current standard stipulates that the maximum speed of electric bicycles does not exceed 20km/h, but the current actual use of some of the electric bicycle products maximum speed of more than 40km/h; The current standard stipulates that the vehicle weight does not exceed 40kg, but the current part of the electric bicycle weight of more than 70kg.


The performance of these products is gradually approaching the electric mopeds, but the safety performance is poor, traffic safety problems, causing a large number of casualties accidents. In addition, due to the poor fire-retardant performance of some electric bicycles, the fire has increased in recent years, causing significant casualties and property losses. Therefore, it is urgent to revise the current standards, strengthen the management of electric bicycles, and protect the people's life and property.