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What Is The Principle Of The New Standard Revision?
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, industrial and commercial Administration, quality Inspection Bureau (National Standard Committee) four departments always adhere to from the economic and social development overall situation, based on the leading China's electric bicycle industry high-quality development, with "three to ensure one adhere to" as the fundamental principle, that is, to ensure

To ensure that all road traffic participants to maximize the common interests, to ensure that the vast number of consumers basic travel needs, adhere to the motor cycle of non-motorized Properties, guide the revision of the standard, the revised standard name for the "Electric bicycle safety technical specifications." First, to ensure the safety of consumer life and property. On the basis of careful analysis of the development of electric bicycle products and various accidents in recent years, the new standards adhere to the safety of the bottom line, set the maximum speed, vehicle weight, motor power, battery voltage, shape size, fire-retardant and other key indicators, to maximize the safety of the product's machinery, driving safety,

Safety performance in electrical and fire safety. The second is to ensure that all road traffic participants maximize the common interests. Electric bicycles are widely used in China, some consumers from the use of convenient angle of view, I hope the speed of electric bicycles, the better, the larger the volume the better, the higher the load, the better the stronger the power performance. However, as a road vehicle, electric bicycles need to take into account the efficiency of travel, travel safety and road traffic order. Since electric bicycles are not motor vehicles, mainly in the non-motor vehicles, and at present in many areas of China's non-motorway width is limited, people car mixed line, if the speed of electric bicycles, volume, weight and dynamic performance and so much more than bicycles and other non-motor vehicles, will occupy a large number of non-motorway space, or affect the normal traffic order of the non-motorway, or the normal passage of motor vehicles and other interference, there are traffic safety problems.

As a result, the revision of the new standards has been carefully studied and identified for each key technical indicator, in keeping with the principle of maximizing the common interests of all road traffic participants. Third, to ensure that the vast number of consumers basic travel needs. Taking into account the expansion of consumer travel in recent years, the pace of life, the new standard in order to meet the basic needs of consumers, in the highest speed, vehicle weight, motor power and so on the basis of the existing standards for the appropriate relaxation, of which, the maximum speed from 20km/h adjustment for 25km/h,

Including batteries, the quality of the whole car from 40kg to 55kg, motor power from 240W adjusted to 400W, so that consumers get more than ordinary pedal bicycle travel radius, reduce the physical requirements of riders, improve the efficiency of travel, in line with Low-carbon, environmental protection concepts and requirements. Four is to adhere to the electric bicycle non-motor vehicle properties. An electric bicycle is essentially a bicycle with power, which should conform to the characteristics of the bicycle, that is, it can be driven by manpower. Therefore the electric bicycle must have the pedal function, fundamentally differs from other motor vehicle products such as electric mopeds, this is also the electric bicycle can incorporate the non motor vehicle management the essential prerequisite. In addition, the pedal function can also be as an important supplement to the electric drive, can let the consumer in the vehicle failure or battery power to continue to avoid long-distance implementation, to facilitate the use of consumers.