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The New Trend Of Electronic Products Industry--Intelligent Balance Car
- Mar 11, 2018 -

The current global manufacturing industry is facing a new technological change, to the internet of things, large data as the core of the wave of intelligence is raid, so that the past cold machines become more intelligent, lightweight and user-friendly. Let the machine equipment through the Internet to realize intelligent control, this process is called the IoT.

In the next few years, whether it is home appliances, industrial manufacturing equipment or street lamps, automobiles and other life of most of the electronic equipment will be connected to the Internet and realize intelligent management, so the IoT is also recognized as a huge market.

The balance car is favored by the capital market The electric balance car in the market mainly divides into two kinds, one is two wheel electric balance car, the other is the single wheel electric balance car. The balanced vehicle adopts the standing driving way, the driving process relies on the body forward or backward movement to control the balance car forward and backward.

As a starting from the birth of intelligent control technology of the electric balance car, because of green, compact and easy to control management, is considered an excellent future personal transport tools.

The world's first electric balance car is the US Segway balance car, at the beginning of the sale of the market has been a lot of government agencies, but due to their own equipment performance limitations and high prices are not too close to the people, this type of two-wheel balance car since its inception in the personal consumer electronics market almost no improvement. But, compared to the US Segway balance car bulky, rough design, in recent years, China's electric balance car manufacturers launched a more lightweight, stylish, friendly two-wheel balance car products; In particular, the more portable, low-cost, cool single wheel balance car once launched the market, has been a lot of young people, the pursuit of youth

, the entire balance car market was detonated rapidly in just two years.

Balance car becoming consumer electronic hotspot In the environmental pollution and traffic jams increasingly serious today, the development of electric, intelligent transportation, advocating green travel has become a social consensus, intelligent balance car has also entered the eyes of everyone.

Therefore, the price of the two-wheeled electric balance car is very grounding gas, but also popular with young people, and gradually become the first young people to transport tools. Although the future of personal mobility tools will include smart balance car, electric skateboard, but from the practical aspects of solving the problem of personal mobility, smart balance car by virtue of "lightweight, fast, portable" advantages, will become the future next to cars, bicycles after the personal new vehicle.

With the development of intelligent hardware such as smart phone and wearable equipment, the technology of electric balance car is promoted rapidly and the cost of hardware is greatly reduced, so that the balance car technology can make rapid breakthrough and the product price is more common. Electric balance car development is mainly from the market demand pull, and with the industry key technology upgrading and industry standards, electric balance car in the security of the premise will be recognized by the national policy, industry development Peak is coming.