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The Most Fashionable City In Citycoco
- Mar 11, 2018 -

As the most in the new era of the tide of men and women, you are already tired of the same life? So today, let's start with the traffic.

Let us abandon cars, buses, taxis or electric cars, these traditional but slightly outdated means of transport, together into the Citycoco era. Under the dome, congestion of traffic, noisy and complex city, struggling busy figure.

Citycoco, this most fashionable city scooter, take you to enjoy the inner calm and freedom.

Citycoco belongs to the "minimalist style" of the new Energy intelligent Electric skateboard, positioning is high-end toys, the use of the export of electric scooter standards, both the fun of skateboarding, as well as the mobility of electric vehicles applicable functions, belong to a new type of cross-border products. Citycoco positioning in the city to travel, the use of an integrated frame, the use of robotic welding, the vehicle weight compared to the traditional electric car 50% lighter. The perception is that the structure is streamlined and firm.

In addition to the regular ride, the driver can also choose to stand or glide, which caters to the young people's pursuit of fashion, but also one of the characteristics of electric scooters. Citycoco advocating simplicity, is a kind of like implicit but full of strength, simple but extremely attractive art. Citycoco represents a scene, but introverted is always the focus.

Hope through Citycoco, let you know "car is not just a car", is a yearning. Walk in front of fashion you, if there is an unruly heart, full of dreams, willing to share, hoping to change the world through efforts. So, keep up with the Citycoco fashion frequency, together to make the city's most stylish electric scooter players.