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The Development Course Of Electric Bicycle
- Mar 11, 2018 -

In China from the 80 's, people have developed electric bicycles, and constantly improve its structure. It was not until the beginning of this century that electric bikes were widely promoted into countless families. Now electric bicycles are energy saving and environmental protection of a means of transport.

2014 New Day electric car first launched the intelligent development of electric vehicles.

The history of China's electric bicycles, the industry generally recognized as three stages of development: the primary stage of electric bicycles, the beginning of the scale of production stage, speeding development stage. The primary stage of electric bicycles is also called the early experimental production stage of electric bicycles, from the time of 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly on the four major parts of electric bicycles, motor, battery, charger and controller key technology exploration research. In the development and production of the main production enterprises are spontaneous collection of information, tracking technology, organizational market observation, small-volume market trial delivery, but also made electric bicycles began to enter the consumer's vision, and they gradually recognized to accept. Technically speaking, the early electric bicycle, the new battery charge can only travel about 30 kilometers, short battery life, poor climbing ability, easy to wear, and the motor is also a brush-free motor.

But this period of accumulation, only for today's scale of industrialization in talent, technology and product development and so on to do a foundation. The second stage is called the initial production scale stage, is because this time period has appeared several will electric bicycle advancement opportunity, causes in the initial stage struggles the electric bicycle to usher in the spring suddenly, is also the industry development entered the scale, and these several opportunities most valuable then for each city "

The "Forbidden" and the 2003 "SARS" This time period is generally recognized as the period from 2000 to 2004, in this time period, with the key technology breakthroughs and the performance of electric bicycles continue to improve, so that electric bicycles as a substitute for motorcycles and bicycles, and its fast, environmentally friendly, convenient and cheap, It also stimulates the market's demand for electric bikes. In the growing market demand, the previous research and development of the production of the rapid rise of enterprises, some new enterprises also began to enter, their investment in electric bicycles also increased, so that the rapid expansion of capacity (see annex 1.1). Moreover, this time the rapid leap up the enterprise is a big operation, has been the older generation of research and development enterprises left behind.

However, some well-known brands as the representative of the scale of enterprises have been formed, and in accordance with the north-south differences, also formed the industry in Wuxi, Zhejiang, Tianjin as the representative of the three major industrial agglomeration. The third stage is from 2005 to present, this stage is China's electric bicycle speeding development stage, by the industry dubbed as "injection well stage". In this time period, with the fierce competition between enterprises greatly stimulated the technological progress and the diffusion of new technologies, the technical level of the industry has been greatly improved, battery life and capacity increased by 35%, the motor from a single brush-toothed motor developed into brushless high efficiency motor as the mainstream, life expectancy increased by 5 times times, efficiency improved nearly 30%, Climbing and carrying capacity increased about 3.5 times times. At the same time the performance increases, the manufacturing cost is also greatly reduced, the price power drops to the original 21%, in the controller system and the charging system, the technical level also greatly enhances. Especially in the battery technology and motor technology have made great progress, electric vehicles dedicated lead-acid batteries in the technical breakthrough has been leading the international, but also formed in the days, Super Granville as the leading Zhejiang Changxing plate, Conrien, double Deng as the representative of the Jiangsu Plate and Rodda as the representative of the Guangdong Plate. Batteries also have a single lead-acid battery evolution of many types of high-performance batteries, and the emergence of lithium batteries, more driven by electric bicycles, especially the development of simple money. In the motor, the invention of permanent magnet brushless motor, so that the pace of development of the industry is obviously accelerated. The key to the performance of the motor is the performance of the strong magnetic material, the rare earth permanent magnet material has the most superior properties. China is the world's recognized rare earth resources and rare earth products manufacturing power. Because the rare earth strong magnetic material performance is good, the price is low, the manufacture ability is strong, causes the international market expensive BLDC (brushless DC Permanent magnet motor) system in the Chinese enterprise obtains the widespread application, the electric bicycle industry therefore obtains the advantageous resources superiority. From the total output of the industry, 2005, the country's hundreds of enterprises of all kinds of light electric vehicles (including electric bicycles) Total output is expected to have more than 9 million, export about 200~300 million, to achieve industrial production value of 20 billion, taxes and profits of about 6 billion yuan, related production and service areas of employment nearly 1 million people. China has become the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of Light electric vehicles, which has accounted for more than 90% of the world's production and sales.