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Structure Setting Of Electric Scooter
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Electric scooter is a new product designed and manufactured on the prototype of a traditional scooter.

Use to save energy, charge fast and long voyage ability.

The price of electric scooter is strong and practical, compared with electric bicycle, it is compact and easy to operate, and because the seat center of gravity is low, driving is safer. Electric scooter is also designed with a cushion tube structure, the pedal is very strong, you can make a high-speed turn, if the curve is relatively wide, the skateboard can also be flexible to deal with. The whole car makes people feel beautiful and fashionable, full of power, strong sense of acceleration, driving comfort, the vehicle frame adopts high-quality metal, compact structure, durable!

Seat removal and height adjustment is very convenient, the entire folding process can be easily done in a short time.

1, damping effect has both front and rear shock absorption, so that riding more comfortable rest assured.

2, increased the car seat and handlebar distance, even if the height of the person using electric scooter will not feel the leg congestion.

3, improve the stability of the motor to prolong the life of the motor. 4, the battery disassembly is convenient, has reduced some because the car heavy stairs the cumbersome.