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Smart Scooter-That's Why You Don't Drive
- Mar 11, 2018 -

When the number of private cars is increasing, some people start to choose other travel equipment other than cars, such as smart scooters.

As for why, the following is a small part of the reason for it.

Reason one: Our travel target is: environmental protection! For small partners advocating low-carbon life, the active use of travel to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of transport, is their main reason to reduce the use of automobiles. In the case of personal travel without affecting the pace of life, they will be conscious of the choice of green Travel mode of transport. The choice of Low-carbon transport tools are many: rely on human-driven bicycles, skateboards and other transportation equipment, as well as mainly rely on electric power-driven electric vehicles, intelligent scooter and so on.

As a new travel equipment, intelligent scooter mainly represents a scooter, balance car and other models, a lot of choice.

Reason two: Use commute, travel time to exercise! Arrant Intelligent Scooter, although equipped with high-performance hub motors, can give users a more relaxed riding experience, but when used, it is also able to consume a certain amount of calories, and can play the effect of exercise.

That is to say, using it to travel, will give you the most appropriate riding sports and commuting.

Reason three: blue sky and white clouds can not be betrayed!

Without the window of the car, the blue sky looks more beautiful, the face and slowly breeze, such a feeling can give a day's work to open a good head, but also can fully alleviate fatigue work a day of exhaustion.

Reason four: Travel faster!

Commuting is a traffic jam, and driving is better than riding a bike or taking the subway! Well, looking at so many reasons, what do you think of the reason for not driving? Is it reasonable, or does it feel incomprehensible? Or, if you are not a member of the race, what is the reason for not driving?