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Analysis Of Development Trend Of Electric Vehicle Controller
- Mar 11, 2018 -

From tsinghua university in 1995 developed the first light electric bicycle was born to now, the past eighteen years, China electric bicycle industry from scratch, to become the world's largest light electric vehicle industry. "China is the world leader in the industry by producing more than 90 percent of the world's electric bikes," says Dr. Euralen, an American economist. In just a few decades, we have achieved the scale of the electric vehicle industry that we admire worldwide, not only the pride of our electric cars, but also the pride of all Chinese people!

Like any other industry, electric cars will be in the four stages of initial, development, maturation and decline. Determine an industry in which a phase of the life cycle, basically see it products and technology maturity, the growth rate of consumption demand, market competition and profit margins and industry into the barriers, and other important indicators.

The industry is developing and the market is shuffling, which is a true portrayal of the development of China's electric vehicle industry. Throughout the history of the industry, how many brands have been wiped out overnight, how many brands have been the king of the attack, and more than a few. Shuffle and conformity belong to the natural law of the development of the industry, the survival of the fittest, the elimination of the unsuitable, for manufacturers, businesses all have equal opportunities. After a comprehensive historical data, the author analysis and research, the development of electric vehicles, electric car accessories enterprises competition is increasingly fierce, today to electric vehicle controller, one of the four items as an example to talk about accessories six big trend in the development of enterprises.

Trend 1: the concentration of competitive brands is further improved.

The industry is already very competitive, with statistics showing that more than 100 small businesses were eliminated from the shuffle in 2013, and the market in 2014 will only get worse. Limited capacity of the market, such as high, jing hui, the pine is a few large enterprises in the process of accelerated expansion, will squeeze the small and medium-sized enterprise's survival space, therefore, as many industry insiders predict that the future competition will only become more intense, more and more high degree of brand concentration, may end up with only less than 10 companies under the sweep, of this, the first three companies may include 90% of the market turnover.

Trend 2: the new national standard introduces the standardization of industry standards.

Lu jinlong, chairman of the jiangsu association, said the new national standard would be issued within the year. New gb will speed up the implementation of the industry reshuffle, some technical strength of the electric enterprises can survive and occupy a certain market share, and the technology is relatively weak enterprises will be eliminated directly. At present, different standards and management methods vary from place to place, so the development of the industry must be hindered. Once the new national standard is introduced, there are unified management regulations, so the current chaos of the industry will be improved rapidly.

This is also a large part of the controller has made the requirements, only with advanced technology and complete management of enterprises can more adapt to the development of electric vehicle enterprises. According to the existing data of the integrated network, the patent products, management level and high-quality talents of the high standard are in the leading position in the whole industry, and their product quality is leading the way.

Trend 3: channel flattening development dealer status is in jeopardy.

Channel flat is enterprise profit maximization as the goal, on the basis of the conditions of the enterprise itself, using modern management methods and technology, utmost ground directly sell goods to the final consumers, producers to reduce sales levels of distribution channel. The enterprise makes profit for the purpose, so the channel flattening development is inevitable. In this situation, the dealers will gradually be phased out, and to maintain the current status, the dealers should go to the future, which is a problem that many people in the industry need to think calmly.

Trend 4: enterprise management in the information 2.0 era is fully digital.

With the advent of the Internet, the invasion of e-commerce has brought all industries into the "information 2.0 era". E-commerce in the electric vehicle industry has also developed rapidly. The rise of online shopping has made all major brands pay attention to the important role of e-commerce platforms, so brands have set up official online flagship stores. In fact, the establishment of e-commerce is not just a simple online store, electronic commerce also includes electronic currency exchange, supply chain management, electronic trading market, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management and automatic data collection system. With the increase of management demand, the digital construction of enterprises will also be put on the agenda.

At present, it is not uncommon to open an online store in the electric car industry, but in the electric vehicle controller industry, there are no systematic online shopping malls in addition to the high standard. Someone might say, isn't that what taobao and Tmall sell? Doesn't count. Many of these are small workshops, no fixed production lines, just copy products. The emergence of B2C mall is also a new milestone in the controller industry.

Trend 5: high - end products appear to be a new focus of technology.

Electric cars have evolved to "light, lean, smart, high". From market popular over, the industry as a whole to the direction of development, especially in terms of technology, each enterprise's patent products constantly emerging, electric vehicle technology in production is becoming more and more high. From here you can see, the future market will emerge a large number of high-end models, this will not only is the focus of the future each brand for the market, at the same time, it will be the best platform enterprise shows its strength.

The difference of scientific and technological innovation is the key to the final pattern of industry reshuffle. High-end models need high-end controller to match, product upgrading faster than you, waiting for the copy imitate with the consequences of the research and development ability of enterprise products is always lags behind that of the people, so can only be eliminated.

Trend 6: cross-industry joint normalization industry is penetrating into other industries.

Cross-boundary cooperation and competition will become mainstream. In the enterprise development, the Internet will no longer be just a simple tools, and become a commercial trend, this trend also applies to the electric car industry, as the industry technology level unceasing enhancement, electric cars will no longer be a simple travel tool, more and more industry will be applied to the related technology, industry will gradually penetrate to other industries.