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2018 Electric Vehicles Into The Second Half, Who Can Lead The Future?
- Mar 11, 2018 -

With the new national standard, 3C certification, the rapid progress of certification, the 2018 will become the second half of the electric car industry.

Years suspended in mid-air "boots" finally once landing, drastic changes in the era of real arrival! In the second half of the electric car industry, what kind of products can win the market? What brands can lead the future?

To become the industry, especially the vast number of distributors friends of the focus of attention.

Saying: The world martial Arts is fast not broken!

Early-acting people occupy the runway ahead of time, and those who act late will face a dilemma.

What kind of products can win the market?

After the new national standard officially landed, there is no doubt that previously there has been no clear definition of GB standards have been inevitable will be formally implemented. In strict accordance with the national standard of the main role of the major market will be rapid prototyping. Listed in some places have occurred in the national standard car market conversion, such as: 2013, 2014 Wuhan National standard car swap a brand for a few short months, 50,000 units, 2017 spring Shanghai GB car swap consumers flocked to buy the national standard car brand store in the market big empty,

Dealers to increase the price of 1000 yuan in short supply too late replenishment ...

As you can see from these examples, when the relevant departments in accordance with the standards strictly limit the number of electric vehicles, taking into account the cost of all aspects, rarely heard of consumers for their own excessive electric vehicles to apply for motorcycle licences, and those who have a license to legally on the road of the national standard Car, become a consumer facing the transition period to choose the most

There is no doubt that these have occurred in the market line of examples tell us: 2018 version of the new national standard after the full landing, the national standard car swap will continue to detonate nationwide, millions other market demand will be concentrated emerging!

What brands can win the market?

The fact that everyone in the electric car industry: 2018 has become the second half of the electric car market.

The pattern drastic change, the national standard car rises, but the general dealer friend must face 3 kinds of choices: 1, continues to wait and see; 2, passive choice; 3.

Believe that a lot of confident and determined dealers friends have the initiative to change as the first choice. To actively change, of course, to find a like-minded, have the strength to have a foundation to win the future of the brand, the two sides work together in the second half of the industry to find a turnaround together to create a brilliant future.