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The introduction and method of buying electric scooter
- Mar 11, 2018 -

The electric scooter is another new product form after the traditional skateboard movement.

In many areas have appeared its figure, followed by more and more popular, there are a lot of people want to buy, because there is no purchase experience, so that a random election, in this small compilation of a strategy and methods for reference.

One, look at the speed Many people think that the speed of the electric scooter is certainly the faster the better, but it is not. Electric scooter as a kind of electric driving vehicle, the best speed should be 20km/h. Less than this speed can not play the practical role of travel, greater than this speed will bring security risks. Scooter car body is relatively simple, when the emergency situation of high-speed driving speed can easily lead to rollover, collision and other dangers. In addition, according to the National Electric bicycle standards and scientific speed limit design, the rated speed is about 20km/h. High-end electric scooters generally have a non-0 start-up device, not 0 start design, it is necessary to use the foot on the ground to help the line, so that the car to move up, at this time and then hook up the accelerator to complete the start.

The design is designed to prevent the novice from being unable to control the speed.

Second, look at the weight Only small size, weight as light as possible to facilitate users in the bus and subway use. This is especially important for female users.

Many electric scooters have folding function, folding can be portable, in the purchase of this design should pay particular attention, or buy back electric scooter may become idle items.

Third, look at the battery

The current market of electric scooter owners to choose two kinds of batteries. (1), lead-acid battery advantages: China is the world's largest lead-acid battery producer, because lead-acid battery price is lower, so also most commonly used. Disadvantage: Smaller than capacity, short cycle life. In other words, in the same capacity, the battery weight and volume are larger. The current market of lead-acid batteries are basically the type of floating rechargeable batteries developed. Floating charge pool can not be fast charging and large current discharge.

Although the technical staff spent a lot of effort to improve, put into practice, but its life is still very unsatisfactory. (2), lithium battery advantages: Now mobile phone batteries are basically the use of this battery. In the same capacity, the weight and size of the battery are smaller, which has a great advantage in reducing the weight of the electric scooter. It can also live longer than lead-acid batteries. Disadvantage: The price is more expensive, lithium battery resistance is relatively large, in the battery will be completely discharged when the car may feel less power.

Small series recommended: The use of lithium batteries, more light, environmental protection, and long service life.

Iv. look at the ability of earthquake resistance The shock is to have a better riding experience on a bumpy road trip. Some electric scooters have a built-in front and rear shock absorber system. There is no mainly rely on the car's tires to shock, air tires shock absorber effect is better, solid tire shock effect is relatively inferior to air tires, but the advantage is not tire, maintenance-free strong. This can be done according to personal preferences.