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The electric vehicle chooses to have the brush motor or brushless motor good
- Mar 11, 2018 -

With the increasing public awareness of electric vehicles, the market competition is obviously very fierce, many enterprises and businesses in addition to the product prices and the appearance of a lot of fuss, for the motor has brushes and brushless propaganda, and brushless motor publicity is one of the highlights.

When you see this noun, you can not help thinking that since there is no brush, there must be a brush, then there is the difference between the brush and brushless where? Let me introduce them in detail.

First, let's understand the meaning of the following brushless motor and brushless motor: The brush motor is a rotating motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (electric motor) or converts mechanical energy into electric energy (generator) with a brush device. Brush motor is the basis of all motors, it has fast start, braking timely, can be in a wide range of smooth speed, control circuit relatively simple and so on. Brushless motor is composed of motor main body and actuator, which is a typical electromechanical integration product.

As the brushless DC motor is operated in a controlled way, it will not add the starting winding on the rotor as the synchronous motor with heavy load starting under the variable frequency speed regulation, and it will not generate oscillation and failure during the time of the change.

The difference between brushless motor and brushless motor:

1, the scope of application:

Brushless motor: Usually used in the control requirements are relatively high, high speed of equipment, such as model aircraft, precision instrumentation and other motor speed control strict speed to a very high equipment.

Brush Motor: Usually the power equipment used are brush motor, such as hair dryer, factory motor, home range hood, self balance electric vehicles and so on.

2, the use of effect: Brushless motor: Usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from a few rpm, to tens of thousands of RPM per minute can be easily achieved.

Brush Motor: The old carbon brush motor after the general start work speed is constant, speed is not very easy, series-excited motor can reach 20000 rpm, but the service life will be relatively short.

3, brush motor is a traditional product, the performance is more stable. Brushless motor is to upgrade the product, its life performance is better than the brush motor. However, the control circuit is more complicated, and the aging screening requirements of the components are more stringent. Although the motor has a long life, the control circuit is prone to trouble.

Therefore, the use of brushless motor to undergo rigorous reliability testing to ensure quality Electric cars are relatively desirable with brushes better. Brush motor by the majority of the domestic auto-balancer electric vehicle manufacturers selected, it uses carbon brush as the motor power supply two contacts, the use of speed control and the controller to be controlled, through the gear two times deceleration and overrunning clutch to reach the electric bicycle 0-20 km/h stepless speed. The use of this kind of brush high speed motor gold content, the motor deceleration gear has strong strength, good abrasion resistance and reasonable design, so the reworks is lower, and the cost of repairing and replacing gears and Motors is less, and the maintenance cost of the self balanced electric vehicle is reduced effectively. and the brush motor can be passed through the clutch and 4, flywheel to achieve easy human riding.

Brush motor is the use of electrical brush mechanical reversing! Brushless motor: Self-balanced electric vehicle manufacturers are generally used brushless brushless motor. Its speed control system is higher than the speed control system of the brushless high speed motor, and the controller is prone to malfunction in use. The self-balanced electric vehicle with brushless motor has to run at more than 35 km/h, in order to play its best work efficiency, but we know that since the balance of electric vehicle life as a non-motor vehicle to manage, speed must be below 20 km/h, so brushless motor by the self-balanced electric vehicle selection of The desirability is not strong. One of the main uses of it is a small noise.

Brushless motor is the use of electronic circuit commutation! Detection components detect polarity! The current self-balanced electric vehicle in the market is generally a brush motor, after all, it's speed to control under the 20km/h, the desirability of a brush motor better! There are also in the actual production process, because there are brush teeth DC motor is a high-speed motor, gear teeth is very small, easy to wear, but strong, climbing ability. Brushless DC motor, in the use of the process to save two or three years of trouble with carbon brushes. However, due to the process of controlling brushless motor, the precision is very high. Moreover, brushless motor controller price is also high. In contrast, brushless DC motor, although to replace the carbon brush, but the replacement of carbon brushes is very easy, and the motor control is simpler, the motor smooth operation, high safety factor.