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Methods and measures for preventing damp and influent of electric scooter
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Electric scooter convenience and environmental protection has been recognized by the majority of customers, but most of the customers in the process because of lithium batteries or the motherboard of the water situation caused by the failure of the damage, so the prevention of dampness and flooding is very important.

The place where the scooter is placed without use should be a cool, dry place, damp place because the air will gradually affect the electric scooter circuit and lithium battery, long-term cumulative will rust lithium battery and wire contact, resulting in circuit failure and can not be used.

When using electric scooters in the rainy days, pay attention to the road on the ride to choose the smooth road, as well as try not to let the scooter through the water area, to avoid splashing splash into the battery and the motherboard parts (after the rain of the stagnant area also to avoid, so users should pay attention to).

In the scooter has accounted for a lot of water, you should use a towel to dry the moisture (when you want to wipe the scooter shutdown to confirm the shutdown state), so as to avoid excessive moisture on the electric vehicle fault. When cleaning the scooter, first the scooter shutdown state. Then use a damp cloth or wet towel (wet cloth or towel moisture as far as possible to wring dry, wipe the process as far as possible not to appear dripping water situation) wipe, and then use dry towel to do two times clean, and can achieve adsorption before wiping clean water left.