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Don't let the wrong riding experience mislead you.
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Riding as a way to relieve stress today, many professional people have cyclists who have formed a huge "riding circle". People will get experience from different cyclists, of course, some experience is desirable, some experience is undesirable, of course, some of the wrong experience, you into the pit?

Today Arrant small make up to take us to pick a chop.

I don't eat anything on the ride.

As the saying goes, people are iron rice is steel, a meal do not eat hungry panic, you ride to a certain time has consumed energy, should carry some sugar, chocolate and other supplementary energy of food and water, especially water is extremely important.

Second, the children's car buy big face

Most parents have big cars for their children when they buy them a car, riding out feeling times have face, or think the child will grow up, choose a bigger one, but the child's strength is limited, and when choosing a scooter, the size of the problem, can cause the child riding in the line may be hurt.

Three, slow speed do not wear protective gear

People say drowned are feasted, in the use of our Alfa balance car when the boot can be clearly heard please wear a good protective gear, driving attention to safety, some people do not think that speed is not to wear protective gear, but in many people or uneven road will inevitably be a little nervous, a tension will lead to imbalance, more prone to fall. Look at the above summary of these you have no condemnation, if you have some words to quickly correct it!