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Damping function of electric scooter
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Electric scooter is based on a traditional scooter built on the basis of the use of electricity as a driving force, using lithium batteries to supply electricity.

Electric scooter because of its convenient and practical received the vast number of consumers welcome.

The electric scooter designs The damping system on the basis of considering riding for the customer, so that the user can be more comfortable in the process of riding.

1, first is the tire, the tire design uses the inflatable tyre, and the tyre uses the high performance elasticity material, compared with the solid tire elasticity is better and the softness is better greatly enhances the damping performance.

2. The spring damping system is equipped with shock and vibration.

Front shock absorber: The front damping spring is mounted on the front fork head, with the electric Scooter's hand bar is in a straight state, the front shock absorption in the electric scooter ride in the course of the uneven section of the road generated by the turbulence caused by the spring rebound is offset by the resilience of a damping effect.

After shock absorption: After the shock absorber and the pedal connection, because the pedal is withstanding the user overall pressure, therefore after the damping design is also in overall vehicle's overall damping effect achieves better.

3, SEAT: The seat in the design of the bottom with spring to the back of the force to shock, the pressure on the seat bar through the pressure of extrusion and circulation to play a damping effect.

The use of various co-ordination and damping allows users to ride more comfortable. Such a practical means of transport like the words hurriedly to buy their own car it.