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Advantages and benefits of electric scooter in design
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Electric scooter In the present is also a popular means of transport, but the scooter ride must be to bring a relatively more convenient and practical so will be welcomed by the vast numbers of users. 1-yard table: Now the scooter is designing a code table, it is used to show the speed of the scooter, this is to allow users to better see the speed of the scooter performance, relatively speaking, for example, if the user in a number of different sections can have a relative judgment, on what road, how much speed to travel,

So as to facilitate their own riding. 2, damping system: the traditional electric scooter only on the basis of the design of a certain degree of tire toughness to reduce vibration, and even some users say that the traditional electric balance car in the past and a number of deceleration bands and other places, because the shock absorption is not good for the buttocks some pain.

These relative problems can be solved by electric scooters that have been added to the damping system.

3, Folding: Traditional scooters are some fixed or disassembly and carry, such a scooter is inconvenient to carry and is not easy to store, the new electric scooter on the basis of the improvement, the relative parts such as cushion, hand staves can be folded, and there is a gap to facilitate the use of carry. So in the choice of electric scooter, we have to choose a suitable for their own good scooter.